• National cash circulation strategy and the banks. How the banks should work with cash in the current environment?
  • Increasing bank branch’s profitability through cash product offerings
  • Today’s bank branch in the light of the omnichannel and digital transformation concepts
  • ATM as a hybrid self-service device: from theory to real cases in Russian banks
  • Customer experience: the new role of branches and self-service networks
  • Anti fraud activities in the bankring sector and retail. Solutions, technology, business cases
  • Self-collection: “in combat” experience of the banks and new technologies
  • Biometrics in banking: the world's best practices that would require changes in the Russian laws
  • Mobile branches, ATMs and service points: experience of use by the bank
  • Calculation and analysis of self-service network profitability: methodology, solutions, practice
  • Front-line of the retail banking office: from the e-teller and QMS to the new client identification systems
  • Physical attacks on the ATM and branch infrastructure. The modern threat landscape. Methods of countering the attacks
  • Cash collection and counting technologies at banks and cash settlement centres: new solutions
  • Coin handling models at banks and retailers. Technology solutions
  • Prospects for a fully outsourced ATM network: accounting and reconciliation, complaint handling, etc.