Forum program

Day 1

I session. VIP-session. Retail 2017: business in today's realities. Successful cases. The views of top managers and strategists

  • Expert opinion – Market 2017. Expansion? Consolidation? What else?
  • Market consolidation and expansion of national chains. Market landscape in 2017: expert opinion
  • Retail of the Future - which projects deserve investments?
  • Pain points of retail regulation: the state will help us?
  • Thrifty buyer - a threat to business? New customer acquisition tools

II session. Offline retail chains: strategy and tactics of successful business development

  • The “promo” problem in the retail chains: seeking the right solution. Mobile promo channel: prospects in the chains
  • Retail chain business in New Normal conditions: the battle for traffic, average check and its repertoire
  • FMCG and private label chains' brands: how to strike the right balance
  • Web-analytics and personified marketing of omnichannel retailer: from theory to practical cases

III session. 54-FL: From the "cloud" - onto the ground

  • Challenges for the Russian retail arising from the amendments to Federal Law 54-FZ. Can cloud technologies help solve them?
  • New POS-equipment and FDO. The readiness of the market to comply with Law 54-FZ
  • Online fiscalization in the chains and small retail: practical cases and success stories
  • The impact of changes in the legislation on the retail chains' business in the context of costs and potential profits. Gaining insight into the new opportunities.
  • Cloud POS-solutions and smart terminals: the user's and manufacturer's view

IV session. Technology and retail. Investments in IT as today's requirement

  • Self Checkout, vending and other self-service systems: news, cases, and prospective concepts. How far are we from the “store of the future”?
  • IT in retail: from CRM to biometrics. Focusing on business goals
  • Call-centers and direct marketing in the retail sector: changing technology, changing the result?
  • Collection and self-collection, optimization of cash cycle: looking at the leaders.

Day 2

V session. Evolution of marketing. New level of customer relations

VI session. Loyalty programmes in the modern retail sector: revaluation of values

  • Loyalty programmes in the modern retail sector: the renaissance of discounts?
  • Mobile apps and retailers' loyalty e-cards: successful cases.
  • Mobile wallets of discounts and promotions: will the redistribution of the loyalty market happen?
  • Co-branded programmes of the retailer and the bank: new concepts and business cases
  • KYC: data-driven marketing. Customer retention in real-time: challenges and solutions
  • Video surveillance and video analytics for the benefit of marketing

VII session. Payment solutions and financial services for retail. A new spiral of development

VIII session. Supply chain management, fulfillment and logistics. Basics of success

  • Supply chain management, fulfillment and logistics in retail
  • DC as an instrument of market penetration by the chains. DC and logistics hubs of the future
  • In-house transport vs outsourcing: cases
  • OSA and VMI: IT tools for the retailer and supplier
  • The problem of the last mile: pick-up locations and post terminals as a trend
  • Courier delivery: how to attain higher efficiency?

IX session. E-commerce in the new economic reality. Survival strategy and tactics

  • Cross-border and domestic online retail in Russia: problems of fair competition and the government regulation. Cross-border VAT vs dutyfree import threshold
  • Marketplaces in the Russian market: the present and the future
  • E-commerce in Russia: technologies, business models, barriers
  • Online and offline: why off-line chains, coming in retail, leave the traditional e-commerce players far behind?
  • Payments in e-commerce: tools, cases, analytics
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