• National cash circulation strategy and the banks
  • Prospective models of the bank's work with cash in the current environment
  • The work of the bank and retailers with coins. Current problems and their resolution. Technological solutions
  • A bank branch today. Omnichannel concept
  • Customer experience: a new role of the branches and self-service networks
  • Financial services for disabled persons. Application of advanced technologies to increase inclusion
  • Development of payment infrastructure in different markets – world practices
  • Organization of QR-based non-cash payments – Alipay / UnionPay
  • Front line of the retail branch. New customer identification systems
  • Biometrics in banking. The best world practices. Necessary changes in Russian laws
  • Bitcoinomats. Practical cases, problems and solutions
  • Cash collection and cash processing technologies. New solutions
  • Issues of interaction between retail and banking sector
  • Automated deposit machines. Their use for cash collection
  • ATM as a hybrid self-service device. From theory to real cases
  • Mobile branches, ATMs and service points. Experience of their application by the bank
  • Apple Pay / Samsung Pay / Android Pay. “Non-card” transactions on ATMs
  • Digital economy and modern cyber threats
  • Physical attacks on ATM and branch infrastructure. Modern landscape of threats. Counteraction methods
  • Anti-counterfeiting in the banking sector and retail business. Solutions, technologies, business cases
  • Other interesting topics