• Harry J. Friedman
    Founder & CEO , The Friedman Group

    Harry J. Friedman is an international retail authority, bestselling author, consultant, and the most heavily attended speaker on retail selling and operational management in the world today.

    In 1980, he founded The Friedman Group, which now maintains offices in 12 countries and is continuing to expand its reach internationally.

    As one of retail’s preeminent strategists and true visionaries, Mr. Friedman continues to be at the forefront of change on the retail sales floor, creating the latest retail sales and management processes. His groundbreaking high performance training techniques have been used by nearly one million retailers. To his credit are articles published nearly 1,000 times in national trade magazines, his bestselling books No Thanks, I'm Just Looking – now in its eleventh printing, and the Retailer’s Complete Book of Selling Games & Contests. His sales and management seminars have been attended by retailers representing well over 100,000 stores. At the pinnacle of all his training programs is Project Gold Star – a quarterly series of meetings that feature a collection of retail best practices and a blueprint for developing a truly sales-driven retail organization.

    His keen wit and dynamic presentation skills have been showcased in keynote speeches and private seminars for independent retailers, trade associations, manufacturers and scores of Fortune 500 companies. He has appeared on CBS News, Fox News, countless radio shows, and has been quoted in the Wall St. Journal, Los Angeles Times and major news publications around the world.

    One of retail’s true thought leaders, Mr. Friedman’s passion, perspective and unique ability to quickly assess what’s right and wrong in retail, and then share that knowledge in a hard-hitting yet entertaining manner, is an inherent talent few possess. Add it all up and you have one of the most prolific contributors to the success of retail stores in the world, and one of retail’s best friends.

  • Amelia Kallman
    Futurist, Consultant, Speaker, University of Cambridge
    As an innovation and technology communicator, Amelia regularly writes, consults, and speaks on the future of business and brand experiences. Curator of international tech labs and exhibitions, she works with start-ups and corporate clients to make connections and future-proof strategies. She has lectured at Cambridge University, written an award-winning book, and directed the first burlesque show in Virtual Reality. Her writing is often featured in WIRED UK, IBC365, and The Huffington Post, and she publishes a monthly, independent innovation newsletter, The Big Reveal. 
  • Kirill Tocarev
    Journalist, editorial director, RBC-TV
  • Elena Gorohova
    Director of Retail Sales, Snow Queen

    I have been working in the retail business for more than 13 years. This is quite an optimistic intermediate result on the way to the most worthy goals.

    Seven years out of thirteen years lived with the "Snow Queen". This is my choice of case and my choice of team. The company in which I occupy the position of the director of the retail sales department represents the Russian brand of high quality, boldly assumes the role of the fashion legislator and defends the rules of impeccable business.

  • Yyaroslav Artyukh
    Director for Innovation, Magnit

    Yaroslav has been working in Magnit since 2012, from 2012 till 2013 he was in charge of strategic marketing in whole retail chain Magnit, including Magnit Cosmetic. Control and development of media buying, POS selling, trade-marketing activities.

    Then from 2013 till 2017 was dealing with Card Payments (acquiring), Payrolls, Factoring, Cash Management, Financial Services.

    And since 2017, July is Head of innovation.

  • Alexander Myshinsky
    Co-owner, group of companies "REAL"

    Born in Leningrad, Alexander graduated from Leningrad Mechanical Institute (Voenmeh) in 1992 and joined the Foreign Relations Department  at Aircraft Corporation. In 1994 he headed a Russian-Chinese Joint Enterprise as Director General. In 1996, he and his partners established Real, a group of companies engaged in food products wholesale and distribution. In 2006, they opened a logistics company and then started opening Real stores in March 2010. At the moment there are 63 outlets in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

  • George Perelman
    Director of The Friedman Group Russia

    Graduated from Lobachevsky State University of Nizhni Novgorod, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, majoring in Mathematics (2002); Nizhny Novgorod branch of State University – Higher School of Economics, MBA (2005); Bathurst Heights High School (Canada, Toronto), level 7 English (2006).

    Volga-Vyatka Academy of Public Administration, Presidential Programme for Management Personnel Retraining (2012).   In 2013 – commercial apprenticeship in the Netherlands. Participated in multiple trainings, seminars, forums, and webinars on marketing, sales, logistics and management skills development.

    Experience in commerce since 2001 (16 years), holding management positions since 2003 (14 years).

    Track record:
    2017- present, Director of The Friedman Group Russia (
    2009-2017 Head of Retail, Ormatek Group (, in charge of large retail chains including over 280 retail outlets.

    2014-2016, Director of Volga Ormatek, in charge of retail chains of up to 60 outlets each.  
    In 2004-2015 held a number of top positions in retail sales, marketing and customer relations, with over 1000 supervised employees.

  • Sergey Malishev
    Deputy CEO, Russian Post

    In 1998 Mr. Malyshev graduated with a honours degree from Serpukhov higher military command-engineering Academy of Rocket forces (with specialization in “Automobiles and vehicle fleet”).

    In 2002 Mr. Malyshev graduated from Ivanovo state textile Academy (with specialization in "Economics and management of an enterprise").

    In 2006 Mr. Malyshev graduated from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics (with specialization in "Strategic management of an enterprise").

    During 15 years Mr. Malyshev held the leading positions in such companies as "Start Distribution Company" LLC, “Houp-C” LLC, “Glass Trading" LLC.

    In 2005-2014 – Head of the logistics department, Vice-President for Customized business, "Euroset-Retail" LLC.

    Since March 2014 – Deputy Director General, Deputy Director General for Express & Parcel delivery Section, FSUE “Russian Post”.

  • Linar Husnullin
    Founder and CEO of KazanExpress
    2011 – Russian Academy of Justice; degree in Jurisprudence.
    Work experience
    2017 – present: OOO "KazanExpress" (LLC); CEO
    2015 – 2017: OOO "Effectivny ritejl" (Effective retail, LLC); CEO
    2012 – 2015: Individual entrepreneur.

    Additional information:
    • solid experience in business (over 9 years);
    • founder of Zifa company (a retail network of 150 stores in 90 cities of 3
    • one of the winners of an educational program "Business Class" of Sberbank
    and Google;
    • completed express MBA program with American experts and dozens of
    other seminars and educational programs in business, marketing, HR
    management, sales, etc.;
    • visited about 50 countries.
  • Ivan Avdeyev
    Marketing Director, ONLINETRADE.RU
    Over 15 years in the marketing with retail companies; worked for Svyaznoy, contributed to the creation of the retail chain of MTS, participated in the launch of Enter.

    Since 2015, Marketing Director at ONLINETRADE.RU
  • Maria Shalina
    Director of management of telecommunications services and financial services, Euroset

    In 2005 Maria graduated from State University of Management with specialization "state and municipal management". In 2003 she finished a course of Public Relations at Imageland University.

    In 2001 she was accepted for a Manager position in Imageland Public Relations Agency, later was appointed Head of department.

    From 2005 till 2008 she held the position of Director of PR & advertising in the company of "Corbina Telecom".

    The promotion of all areas of company's businesses, increase brand recognition, development and full implementation of the promotion strategy of the company and main services and the control of its implementation, the development of Internet- television of Corbina. TV included in the Maria’s area of responsibility.

    From 2008 till 2009 she worked as the Director of marketing of broadband access to the "VimpelCom" company. Since 2009 she is Director of management of telecommunication services and financial services of the Euroset. 

    Maria’s responsible for the development and support of new services in the company, sales of operator and payment trends, financial services, as well as development and service support contact center of the company, which located in Voronezh. Under her leadership a number of important projects has implemented, including service for the sale of airline and railway tickets. Maria has made a great contribution to the development of the "Kukuruza" card due to what "Kukuruza" has become one of the most profitable and popular bank cards with more than 2,000 partners and 700 banks.

  • Andrey Revyashko
    IT Director, Wildberries

    Date of birth: February 10th, 1982.

    Started his career in 2006 as IT-projects coordinator at the “Business World” Publishing House. In 2008 became the head of Wildberries Development dept, in 2009 - Wildberries IT Director.

    Graduated from Orenburg State University, where got Ph.D. in Process and Production Automation.

  • Marina Lagovskaya
    Head of Loyalty programmes and Marketing ctivities, Pharmacy chain Rigla

    2016 - present, Head of Loyalty programmes and marketing activities at Rigla pharmacy chain (brands Rigla, ‘Bud zdorov!’, ‘Zhivika’), responsible for the creation and development of loyalty programmes, the introduction of CRM, ans campaigns management.

    2013-2016, SELA apparel retailers group, Marketing and Advertising Director.

  • Denis Khrenov
    Head of acquiring department, Alfa-Bank
  • Armen Manukyan
    Head of Digital Services Development Project, Russian Export Center

    E-commerce expert with huge set up and promotion experience in Russian and international omin-channel retail. Currently is responsible for Russian ecommerce export development in Russian export center.

  • Oleg Starostin
    Marketing Director, Goods

    Oleg graduated from Stankin Moscow State Technological University in 2008. Since 2011, in e-commerce. He was engaged in the project for 2 years, created an online-sales division and launched a full-fledged online store. In 2013 - 2014 he was responsible for the Internet marketing development in the White Wind Digital. He worked for BORK as Internet Marketing Director. Since 2016 - Marketing Director, marketplace

  • Alexander Vologodski
    Head of E-commerce, Benetton Russia & CIS

    Took part in E-commerce channel launch and optimization for Adidas (front-end, content management and integrations), lead the launch of online stores for fashion brands from Fulfillment provider side (Kupivip E-commerce Services): restart of online store for Snow Queen, launch of online store for Gas Jeans. Currently leads E-commerce department in Benetton: launch and development of Internet sales from scratch, leading retail digital transformation projects: Omni-channel fulfillment, CRM, loyalty, interactive kiosks etc.

  • Solomon Kunin
    General Director, Goods
  • Alexander Gritsay
    CEO, Forecast NOW!

    Master IT (2012, TSU),

    Founder and CEO of Forecast NOW! from 2011.

    Under the direction of Alexander Forecast NOW! grew up from technology to a successful company in Russia and CIS – more than 60 clients including regional and federal wholesale trade companies.

    Alexander had presented software to a President of Russian Federation and was a member of working group at Ministry of Economic development.

  • Thierry Dieu
    Head of Communication, International Post Corporation (IPC)
    Thierry Dieu joined IPC in 2013 as the Head of Communication. International Post Corporation (IPC) is a cooperative association of 24 member postal operators in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. IPC’s solutions and services are used by over 180 posts worldwide.

    Since 1989 IPC has set standards for upgrading quality and service performance and developed technological solutions that help members enhance service for international letters, packets and parcels. IPC engages in industry research on latest trends in the postal and e-commerce networks.

    Thierry Dieu is in charge of global communication and promotion of IPC services, including in fields such as e-commerce and sustainability. Prior to IPC, Thierry Dieu worked as a communications expert for the European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association (ETNO) and for the European Commission, both in Brussels and Moscow. 
  • Evgeny Srednyakov
    Partner&Client Service Director at Shping

    Evgeniy has 20 years of experience in IT consulting in the business applications sphere, he is an expert in the field of project technology and IT strategy of industrial enterprises and FMCG sector, he has completed more than 30 major projects on ERP/BI platforms SAP, Oracle, IBM, Parus. Evgeniy graduated from the MSTU after Bauman. In 2015 he joined as a partner to the development of international startup Shping (ex-AuthenticateIT) which is the resident of IT cluster of SKOLKOVO. He is currently engaged in the serialization technologies, logistics, traceability, ensuring the authenticity and safety of products, as well as on the newest technologies of digital marketing and loyalty programs. Evgeniy has expertise in international standards for automatic identification and labeling, intersystem integration and exchange of data between participants of supply chains. He carries out IT projects in these areas.

  • Ivo Wellekens
    Business Development Manager of Eurasia, SUZOHAPP

    Selling Cash Handling Solutions in Retail, Banking, CCP since many years, nationally and internationally.

  • Bernd-Michael Poetschke
    CEO, Arvato Rus, LLC

    Graduated from University of International Law and Economics in Berlin, studied at Moscow State University. Since 1993 worked as Project Manager, Eastern Europe of media Concern Bertelsmann AG, Germany.

    In 1997 he moved to Russia to launch and manage Arvato Rus LLC in Yaroslavl, Russia (formerly Distribution Center Bertelsmann, LLC), a subsidiary of the Arvato group of Bertelsmann SE & Co. KGaA.

    Under the leadership of Michael Poetschke, the company has been developing and growing within a difficult environment successfully, extending its distribution services to a full range of flexible and integrated solutions as a service provider for e-commerce companies, as well as managing loyalty programs and financial services.

    Under his management the company reached a strong market position and successfully attracted big market players as clients, among them companies starting their business in Russia with Arvato Rus, like Yves Rocher, Quelle, MyToys, Lamoda, Shopping Live and others.

    Arvato Rus works for famous international brands and is one of the largest independent fulfillment providers in the Russian market.

    Last year Arvato Rus celebrated its 20th anniversary with Michael Poetschke as CEO of the company and his life's motto is: "Look only forward and with optimism!".

  • Maxim Panasenko
    Head, Sproot

    Maxim is a professional of offline and online marketing. An expert of the relationship building between brands with buyers in multiple channels, including digital offline. Implemented many project, including international.

    From 2016 is the Chief Operating Officer of the company who helps brands to reveal themselves in the areas of sales. Using modern technology, the company actively builds relationships of retail chains with buyers, allowing you to grow the retail business much faster.

  • Maxim Zakhir
    CEO & Managing Partner, LANIT OMNI

    Graduate of Novosibirsk Technical State University, Faculty of Automation and Cybernetics.

    Obtained an MBA in Marketing in 2007.

    An expert in trade marketing, especially in retail networks. Started his career with “Bely Veter – Cifrovoy” as a marketing and e-commerce director. Later headed marketing department and e-commerce department in Mvideo electronic retail network.

    In 2012 started his own business. In 2016 became a managing partner and CEO of LANIT OMNI.

    Married, has a son.

  • Gleb Belavin
    Deputy Director General of Tenant Relations at the MLP Management Company

    Gleb Belavin was born on July 18, 1981.

    He studied in the economics department at Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and in the mathematics department at Volgograd State University.

    Mr. Belavin has more than ten years of work experience with Russia’s commercial real estate market. He is well acquainted not only with the subtleties of the capital’s warehouse market, but also knows the particularities of regional markets, including those in Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, the Republic of Tatarstan, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Kaliningrad, and others.

    Since December 2010, Gleb Belavin has been heading the commercial department of Russia’s largest industrial and logistical complex, Severnoe Domodedovo, with a total area of 540,000 square meters.

    Since 2014, Mr. Belavin has been the Deputy Director General of Tenant Relations at the MLP Management Company, a leader in the warehouse real estate market. Gleb Belavin is in charge of over 1.8 million square meters in lease contracts.

  • Boris Krivoshapkin
    Head of e-Commerce Development department, Multicarta
  • Shabanov Alexey
    Lead Product-Manager, Group of Companies Pilot

    Shabanov Alexey Mikhailovich – Pilot Company lead product manager, certified expert for Microsoft and Samsung products. In 2006 he graduated from MGUPI (Moscow state regional pedagogical Institute), specialty-teacher of physics and Informatics. Since 2011 he works at the CC Pilot: 2011 - engineer-consultant, 2013 - product Manager (software), 2015 - senior product Manager.

  • Dmitry Golder
    Analyst of the Department of System Solutions BIFIT
  • Alexei Zharkov
    CEO&Founder Business Family

    The founder of Business Family (2012), a business community that unites more than 500,000 entrepreneurs and businessmen and conduct regular networking events in 11 Russian cities and 3 countries around the world. With contributions from Softline corporate fund since 2014.

    The founder of (2017), the b2b-sales automation system using AI. With contributions from Softline corporate fund.

    The founder of FamilySpace (2011), a genealogical social network, more than 1 million users.

  • Andreev Aleksey
    Commercial Director of Checkpoint Sytems Russia
    Aleksey was born in 1971, Kaliningrad, Russia. He has a higher engineering and technical education, as well as 14 years of experience in the field of B2B. He worked in the CCL structure as a commercial director in one of the company's divisions. After acquisition by CCL company Checkpoint Systems and from the moment of opening of the Russian representation of company Checkpoint Systems (March, 2016), heads the commercial service of the company.
  • Alexey Grigoriev
    Vice President, Corporate Public Policy, METRO AG Head of Representative Office in Moscow

    In 1982 Alexey graduated from International Law Department Moscow State Institute of International Relations.
    1986 - Candidate of Sciences (Law)

    Since 1986 Alexey worked for Embassy of USSR / Russian Federation in Berlin and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow. 

    Since 2002 - Corporate Communications Director, Siemens LLC, Moscow.
    Since 2013 till now Vice President, Corporate Public Policy METRO AG, Head of Representative Office in Moscow.
  • Ruslan Ryzhonkov
    Director of Supply Chain and Logistics, METRO CASH&CARRY RUSSIA


    2005 — MGUESI – Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics, Moscow, Management of organization, Honors Diploma

    Work experience

    2005 – 2017 – Danone, Group of Companies, Logistics Director West Russia

    2017 – till present – METRO, Head of Supply Chain

  • Vlad Levinas
    Director of Analytics and Data Reporting department, Senukai

    Experienced developer for complex IT solutions, and Software Engineer Effective project manager and local representative by ITIL , PMBOOK requirements. Strong background in ISO 9001 Quality Management System and CMMI quality standard. Certified Project Manager Professional PMP.

  • Peter H. Sliedrecht
    CEO, Newland EMEA

    Global Strategy Advisor (AIDC) to Newland Group (China)

    Vice Chairman on the board of Newland Taiwan Inc.

    With more than 20 years of experience in the AIDC industry, Peter H. Sliedrecht

    have seen the evolution of reading 1D barcodes as identifier on everyday products by using

    laser technology to today’s sophisticated imaging technology reading 2D symbologies. Latest trend is to use 2D barcodes on your cell phone for payment solutions, tickets for public transport or as general identifier used for access control.

    As the CEO and co-owner of Scantech-ID, he was responsible to sell the company in 2006.

    In 2007, he left the company as he was hired by Newland Group to take their AIDC imaging

    technology to the global market. Initially started in Newland Taiwan Inc. to cover APAC region followed by Newland Europe BV based in the Netherlands to cover the EMEA region.

    Newland is the fastest growing AIDC company and holds the position of 3rd largest OEM scan module manufacturer and 4th largest AIDC manufacturer. Newland is a Chinese public company traded on the Shenzhen Stock exchange (ticker 997) with a market capitalization of more than 1 billion USD and more than 4.500 employees working globally in AIDC, Payment & IoT industries.

  • Ekaterina Konovalova
    Director for work with strategic partners and projects, Sovcombank
  • Konstantin Korotnev
    Senior Manager, Cybersecurity, PwC

    Konstantin Korotnev has more than 15 years of experience in the field of information security and cyber risk management.

    Prior to joining PwC, Konstantin worked his way up from the information security analyst to the head of the IS consulting department in large system integrators and the head of the IS division in leading companies of various sectors of the economy. He took part in a number of large projects implemented in such sectors as heat and power complex, telecommunications, finance, medicine, insurance, mining, government agencies, retail trade.

    For 6 years, he led the IS function in the Eldorado electronics and home appliances chain and was responsible for managing this function, implementing and certifying the ISMS to meet the requirements of ISO 27001, managing IS risks, managing personal data protection, implementing a business continuity management system and protecting online shop. Later, he headed the IS division in the structure of Gazprom Corporation, where he solved tasks related to the organization of IS processes, risk management, protection of trade secrets, insider information and personal data.

    Konstantin has a relevant higher education in the field of information technology, as well as certificates in the field of information security, such as CISSP, BSI Lead ISMS Auditor, BSI Lead BCMS Auditor, BSI Lead ITMS Auditor and several technical certificates at IT and IS.

  • Kirill Smirnov
    Director for Digital Economy Studies
  • Vyacheslav Yakhin
    General Director
  • Ilya Zorin
    Financial Director
  • Roman Klyosov
    Project Director
  • Tatyana Belozyorova
    General Director
  • Natalya Karachevtseva
    Deputy Head Director of card business and remote service
  • Giannis F. Marias
    ICT and Innovation Consulting, MPASS Ltd
    Giannis F. Marias is an Assistant Professor on Athens University of Economics and Business, with a pursued lifelong research activity on Internet of Things, Mobile and Proximity Services, Digital Engagement, Future Internet Services, Security and Privacy. Demonstrated courtesy as entrepreneur and innovation consultant, he cooperated with international consulting houses, as well as large, small and medium enterprises, as well as startups, to lead or advise on the design and deployment of new products and services. Leading state-of-the-art initiatives on business intelligence, he is continuous active in studying ecosystems that merge physical space (Things) with digital space (Web) in a secure and profitable way, advising on how to maximize penetration and profitability via personalization.  

  • Kapustina Daria
    Expert of the Treasury, AUCHAN
    My career in the group company Auchan began in 2010, from 2013 I work in the treasury and now I am an expert in the treasury.
  • Dmitry Fomin
    Marketing director of the international partner network and cashback service ePN

    Marketing director of the international partner network and cashback service ePN. Owner of the email service. Webmaster, specialist in traffic monetization, strategist.

    Started working with traffic in high school, in parallel with studying worked as a freelancer, creating an email strategy for large projects in Russia and Europe.

    In the ePN project, he began as an email marketing expert, but very soon it became obvious that he was overqualified for this position and was appointed as marketing director.

    Dima firmly believes that with proper work with traffic, traffic generates itself. This will be the main theme of his speech at the conference.

  • Vladimir Bogachev
    Head of Sales department, Prosoft-Biometrics
  • Anastasiya Pogorelova
    Marketing Director, Sem’+Ya
    More than 16 years of passionate work in marketing. I have extensive experience in strategic marketing management, as well as entering new markets, launching and repositioning brands. A solid marketing experience, became the foundation for the successful career of the marketing director not only in FMCG, but also in other various fields.
  • Dmitry Bergelson
    Managing Partner, Holmes & Moriarty
    Dmitry Bergelson is an innovative, profit-driven leader with corporate vision and entrepreneur spirit, with extensive experience in hi-tech, IT & consulting, automotive, retail, real estate, consumer electronics, and service.

    Dmitry is Managing Partner of Holmes & Moriarty, business development and innovations management boutique providing business growth to corporate clients. Author of CIMS™ integrated corporate innovations management methodology and CPDO concept for managing strategic competences and product development in changing business model era.

    Dmitry is Managing Partner of INNORETAIL, market first retail focused accelerating and VC center, bringing efficiency and enriched customer experience to retail chains by carefully selecting and raising technology startups. Portfolio includes, GuaranaCam, leading video-analytics cloud service provider for retailers, Pay-Z, revolutionary smart mobile cash desks solution provider, EMPLY, machine-learning based cloud service provider of instant best-matched candidates long-list section, and CarCart, manufacturer of innovative personal shopping cart that fits in the car trunk.

    During 2014-2015 Dmitry was a Business Development Director with Pyaterochka retail chain (X5 Retail Group, #1 Russian Grocery Retailer) and was in charge of partnership ecosystem, real estate, lease, Shop-in-Shop program, and franchising. Earlier was CEO of NANOPROM, an innovative resource/energy saving solution provider with nanoceramics coating technology for machinery. Before that led iriver business in Russia, outmarketed Samsung and Apple on the Russian portable digital audio market. Was in charge of Rolf’s Audi retail service and over seven years was Director of Internet & Telecom Dept. with LANIT, Russian #1 IT systems integrator. Included in IT News Top 100 Russian IT Market Person.

    Along with working with companies, Dmitry is a business coach, mentor and lecturer, working with GVA, Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, MSU Business School, HSE, Southern Federal University, national Business Angels Association, and other.

    Graduated from Moscow Technical University (Institute of Electronics and mathematics) and UK Open University Business School.

  • Anna Tkacheva
    Global Category Leadership director, MARS WRIGLEY CONFECTIONERY

    Works in Catman from 2004. First project she did in role of Head of Merchandising department of Paterson supermarket chain, when she worked  with Sun Interbrew.

    She developed new merchandising standards and integrated them in work of others department. She planned trade space and allocation of categories.

    In October 2006 she moved to Danone on Category Manager position. She started projects with several TOP clients (Tander, Metro, Lenta…), did few shopper researches, developed merchandising standards, assortment and shelf management principles for Dairy category.

    From 2007 she participate in ECR Category management committee.

    In 2008 she became a Head of Category Management team (team grew from 4 to 20 person in 4 years) which implemented category projects with more than 20 clients (more than 300 stores). Team increased experience and knowledge of category rules, created data base. Anna created several Category Management trainings for Danone sales team and retailers (Magnit, Semia, Makarovskiy, Elisey, Instrumenty, Panorama...)

    From 2012 she works in Mars, lead development of category strategy, rules for front end zone, created new Catman training for associates. She created Category Management team and launched many catman projects with customers.

    From 2017 she moved in Global Category Leadership Team Mars Wrigley Confectionery.

  • Anatoly Smirnov
    Head of corporate security of the company "L'etoile»

    He has two higher educations: legal and economic.

    Until 2011., he worked in the system of law enforcement agencies in the economy. He worked in the main departments of the interior Ministry of the Russian Federation, the Prosecutor General's office for the North Caucasus, the Investigative Committee of the Russian interior Ministry and operational units of the interior Ministry.

  • Andrey Busargin
    Director of the defenses of the brand protection, Group-IB
  • Pavel Podkorytov
    Managing Partner, Napoleon IT

    In 2011 Napoleon IT has developed a cloud platform for digital publishing with the functional for the distribution of interactive digital magazines to mobile devices.

    For five years, the platform has become a leader in the Russian market. Among the clients there were such magazines as RBC, Cosmopolitan, National Geographic, "Popular Mechanics", Burda, Esquire, Harvard Business Review, Men's Health, - more than 300 newspapers and magazines in total.

    RBC magazine, coded and published by Napoleon IT in 2015, became the finalist of the international digital magazine competition in London (Digital Magazine Awards 2015) in the category News & Business.

    In 2012 Pavel founded the Napoleon IT school with over 1000 students having completed the programs "Machine Learning", "Internet of Things", "Mobile Development", "Blockchain".

    In 2016 he actively develops Napoleon IT solutions in the sphere of the digital transformation of retail networks and delivery services.

    In 2017 Napoleon IT received the Tagline Awards prize for the best mobile application in the field of FMCG. The project awarded was "Krasnoye&Beloye".

    In 2017 Pavel won a grant of 20 000 euros for learning SKOLKOVO MBA international educational program in SKOLKOVO Moscow School of Management.

  • Andreas Misera
    Senior Director Operations - Central Europe & Emerging Markets
    Andreas has been working in Online Advertising for 16 years, 6 of which for Overture/Yahoo (across Europe) and so far 4,5 for Criteo (in Central Europe and Emerging Markets). During this time Andreas was involved in Search, Display and Email Marketing, rolled out Ad Serving technology for Ad Networks in many Eastern European countries and built Operations teams in Munich, Moscow, Istanbul and Dubai.
  • Dmitry Orekhov
    Expert in strategic marketing and management, Guild of marketers
  • Konstantin Sergeev
    Head of Executive Committee, Ural Union of Chief Security Officers
    Director for security of the trade network "Monetka", Head of the NP "Union of Heads of Security Services of the Urals", Member of the Public Council of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in the city of Yekaterinburg.
  • Ilya Kretov
    General Manager, Russia and Emerging Europe at eBay
    Ilya Kretov is the General Manager, Russia and Emerging Europe at eBay. This region includes more than 100 countries from Eastern Europe to South Africa. He was appointed to this role in November 2016. Previously, Ilya Kretov held the position of Deputy General Manager, Marketing, Russia and Emerging Europe. He joined eBay in 2013 as the company’s Marketing Director. Prior to that, Ilya worked for Google and Mars. He has more than 10-year experience in marketing and developing brands of major Western companies. Ilya Kretov is also a lecturer in marketing at the RMA business school.
  • Guido Oberwald
    COO, Media-Markt-Saturn Russia
  • Andrey Tyschenko
    Country Director, Russia, CEE, CIS, Dynamic Yield

    With a 15 year background in business development, launching and commercialisation of products and technologies in Internet and IT markets, held various managing positions in SAP, Oracle, Criteo, Retail Rocket. Also has experience of launch and development of tech startups (Passport), and Venture Capital (Prime Ventures, UK). Since 2013, focuses on commercialisation of solution and platforms for Retail / e-Commerce in areas of Personalization, Digital Marketing, Omni-channel commerce, CRM, Loyalty programs.

    In 2017 joined Dynamic Yield, a global leading platform for personalization, in a role of regional director.

    In 2013 graduated from MBA program at University of Cambridge, UK. Also, holds degrees in IT (Astrakhan State Technical University, Astrakhan, Russia) and Marketing (State University of Management, Moscow, Russia).  

  • Victor Krylov
    Regional Director — CIS, Exponea

    Victor Krylov — Exponea’s Regional Director, data-driven marketing and customer experience specialist with 13 years experience on leading marketing technologies and e-com projects with brands like Huyndai, SunInBev, Unilever and Johnson&Johnson

  • Bogdan Shevchenko
    Director of the Department of Internet Projects,Home Credit Bank
  • Anton Rumyantsev
    Director of Fiscal Data operator, OFD.RU
  • Yuri Borisov
    Development Director of the Retail Companies Association (ACORT).

    Graduated from Moscow Institute of engineering physics, faculty of theoretical and experimental physics, specialty - solid state physics.

    He began his career in the Central Design Bureau of the Unique Instrument-Making of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

    In 1993-2003 he was involved in the business.

    In 2004-2014 he worked in infrastructure energy companies: System Operator of UES, Market Council, JSC "Rosseti".

    Since 2015 - Development Director of the Retail Companies Association.

    The main field of Yuri Borisov’s activity is the regulation of trade, the development of self-regulation in the consumer market.

    Yuri Borisov is a member of the Social and Business Council of the RSPP on the reform of control and supervisory activities.

  • Andrey Danilenko
    Chairman of the National Union of Milk Producers (Soyuzmoloko)

    Andrey Danilenko, born April 6, 1967 in San Francisco, California, USA, in a family of Russian immigrants.

    Since 2008 - Chairman of the Board of the National Union of Milk Producers

    Since 2009 - Member of the RF Chamber of Commerce Committee for entrepreneurship in agriculture and industry

    Since 2011 - Member of the Public Council of the Association of Retail Companies (AKKORT)

    Since 2011 - Chairman of the Agro-industrial Association of the Customs Union.

    Since 2013 - Deputy Chairman of the RF Chamber of Commerce Committee for economic integration of the SCO and the CIS countries

    Since 2012 - Independent Director, Member of the Board of Directors of the Russian dairy company.

    Since 2012 - Member of the Board of Directors of Russian agricultural holding DAMATE

    Since 2012 - Member of the Board of Directors of “Dmitrova Gora Agricultural Firm” JSC

    Since 2014 - Head of the Agro-Industrial Policy Committee of the All-Russian public organization "Business Russia"

    Since 2016 - Member of the Presidium of the General Council of the All-Russian public organization "Business Russia"

    In February 2016, received the Certificate of Commendation from the President of the Russian Federation for public activities

  • Elena Vinogradova
  • Denis Blinov
    Product Manager, Avito

    Denis is in charge of Safedeal direction in Avito, earlier Denis has been working as a Product Director in Qlean.

  • Denis Shestakov
    Head of mail-order business department, Russian Post

    Experience in marketing and business development for more than 15 years. Of which 5 years in Logistics.

    He has held managerial positions in product management units in Logistics since 2012:

    2012-2014 - Head of Product Development and Marketing Research Department at SPSR-Express

    2014- Present - Head of Product Development in the Russian Post.


    Key competences:

    Creation of a product line, development of products and company services and the solution of other tasks.

    Key purpose:

    Change of the Enterprise and providing competitive service for the purpose of increase in a market share

    Additional competences:

    Expert of the markets of Logistics and E-commerce and also interaction and synergy. Forecasting of the markets on the basics of statistics and expert estimates, and many other things.

  • Marina Arischenko
    Head of Transaction Business Development Administration, Credit Bank of Moscow
  • Denis Gurov
    Directorof Logistics, DIXY Group of Companies
  • Anna Stavniychuk
    Business Development Director, Teleperformance Russia Group

    Anna Stavniychuk, Business Development Director, Teleperformance Russia Group

    Anna has over 9 years of successful experience in project management related to the organization and provision of multi-channel customer support, back office, business process optimization for companies from such industries as telecommunications, FMCG, retail, e-commerce, as well as consumer equipment and electronics.

    In 2006-2009 Anna worked in the field of system integration, leading projects of software and hardware solutions for banks, insurance companies and trade enterprises. Since 2009 she has been working in the field of customer service, contact centers outsourcing and optimization of business processes for Russian and the CIS markets.

    In 2014 she joined Teleperformance as a Business Development Director. She is responsible for developing partnerships with Retail and eRetail, Travel, Software & Technology companies.

  • Nikolay Latskov
    Director of Logistics, BABADU

    Nikolay Latskov, Director of Logistics, BABADU

    Nikolay has higher education in economics and additional education in Logistics. Works more than 15 years in Logistics and 9 years of them in Retail.


  • Nadezhda Romanova
    CEO, PickPoint
  • Dmitry Selikhov
    Deputy General Director, (RU)
  • Zaitseva Daria
    Head of Payment and Financial services at AliExpress (RU,CIS)

    Daria Zaitseva, Head of Payment and Financial services at AliExpress (RU,CIS)

    In 2014 graduated from the Higher School of Printing Arts and Media Industry of the Moscow Polytechnic University. She began her career at ChronoPay, was involved in risk management at PayU, worked on the development of foreign markets for Xsolla video games monetization service, was engaged in strategically important partnerships at Yandex.Money. Took part in several key  projects at Yandex Money, helped Yandex.Checkout to become the most popular system for online shops in Russia. Joined AliExpress team in 2016, responsible for business development of payment projects and financial services in Russia and CIS markets.

  • Vladimir Kanin
    General Director, PayMe, (partner of Alfa-Bank)
  • Ivan Budnik
    Manager of Internet Project, TOY.RU
  • Alexey Degtyarev
    Commercial Director, founder, co-owner, NEXT
  • Mikhail Mogilevskiy
    General Director, NPO Analitika
    Michael has a more than 20 years of experience in various IT systems, where the vast portion of it was dedicated to analytics in retail industry. From 2013 – CEO and Co-Founder of NPO Analitika.
  • Georgy Makarov
    Business Director, Edadeal

    Has broad expertise in FMCG market. He has started career in the industry in 1998 by participating in creation of distribution company, was working in sales departments of leading international companies, was directly building cooperation with majority of retail chains in Russia, was creating sales department from scratch, was lifting existing business to the new level as sales director. As General Manager launched and lead Moevenpick ice-cream business at Nestle, then lead Food and Chocolate businesses at Mars.

    Joined Edadeal in February 2017 as partner, in the role of business director is building cooperation with retailers and manufacturers. Defines main purpose of his work as creating system of mutually beneficial relationships of market players for maximizing shoppers’ and consumers’ satisfaction and for growth of revenues and profit for Edadeal’s business partners.

    He says: “I get most satisfaction from work when I help other people, my colleagues and not only, to grow and to develop and to reach ambitious objectives. Not individually at the expense of others, but jointly. High level of trust is crucial for that, as it allows people to listen and to hear each other. This principle is also a key to successful business partnership.”

  • Nadezhda Zhurina
    VP Retail, MEGALICENSE, Official Master-Licensee in FIFA Football Cup 2018
  • Zhanna Chavariya
    Marketing Director, OFD.RU
  • Mikhail Baranov
    Head of Internet Sales Service department, Svyaznoy
  • Natalya Makulova
    Consultant in fashion business, retail technologies and eco-fashion, owner of consulting company Balanced Fashion
  • Sergey Zanozin
    Development Director, Globlee
  • Alexey Yevseev
    Deputy Head of Internet project, TOY.RU
  • Dmitry Gladkov
    Head of Customer Relations Department, Svyaznoy
  • Andrey Kiselnikov
    Head of payment technologies department
  • Pavel Revo
    Vice-President, Development Director