• Remote customer identification. Biometrics and public infrastructure. How will the financial services market change?
  • Legislation and market needs. New approaches to the banking services and to the dynamics of introduction of financial technologies
  • Bank as a universal marketplace. In search of the optimal model
  • Innovations in the financial sector. The client is a decision maker
  • Аrtificial intelligence, machine learning - the forces, which change the format of the modern banking. Why do expectations from blockchain fall?
  • Tokenization of mobile payments. Russian experience – similarities and differences with the global practices
  • FinTech and banks in the context of PSD2 as the global trend. From sandboxes to the service infrastructure
  • Loyalty of bank customers in the era of digitalization. On the way to omnichannel
  • Robots in the financial industry. New possibilities. New social challenges
  • Individual scoring for retail bank customers. How new approaches change the market
  • Cyber-resistance in the digital era. What kind of war are we preparing for?
  • Customer experience in the banking sphere
  • Law 54-FZ. The participation of banks in the “new wave” of online fiscalization
  • Invisible transormatoin of Big Data. The nearest future and financial industry.
  • Vendors of payment decisions in the new reality. From the solution competition to the service competition
  • Regulatory Technology (RegTech) in Russia. What does the market expect from the regulators?
  • Projects of public transport fare collection. Present condition. Prospects