FAQ for delegates

FAQ for delegates

1. How to get to the event venue?
2. What to do upon arrival at the venue?
3. How does the PLUS-Forum works?
4. A new opportunity to make an appointment
5. The Conference
6. IMPORTANT! Access to presentations
7. Mobile application
8. Internet.
9. Meals
10. Evening program

1) How to get to the event venue?

Address of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre: Moscow, Exhibition and Convention centre "Sokolniki"

By public transport:

Sokolniki metro station (red line), then by foot to the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre.

By car:

  • Entry into the territory of Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre shall be through the 3rd Luchevoy prosek.
    • For the PLUS-Forum guests: entry into the territory by car - 300 rubles, by motorcycle - 150 rubles. Parking is free of charge.
    • For the PLUS-Forum Sponsors and Partners: entry into the territory is free of charge against presenting a signed and stamped MEMORANDUM. Parking is free of charge.
  • Exit from the Sokolniki territory shall be through Maisky prosek.
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2) What to do upon arrival at the venue?

We recommend that you attend both days of the event. The programme is quite interesting, and we would like you to have the opportunity to participate in the conference, as well as to see the exhibition. Each of them represents a separate source of useful information, a place to share experience with colleagues and establish new contacts. This is a great opportunity to expand the scope of your insight into the industry and to network successfully.

3) How does the PLUS-Forum works?

The 2-day PLUS-Forum features a Conference and an Exhibition.
Conference hours: 09:30 - 18.00
Exhibition hours: 08:30 - 18.00

4) A new opportunity to make an appointment

Make an appointment with representatives of companies participating in the PLUS-Forum.

5) Conference:

The conference language is Russian, with simultaneous translation in the English language in the Conference hall. The headphones will be provided at the Conference hall entrance on security of an ID (passport, driver license, etc.). The headphones are to be returned at the end of each day of the Conference.

6) IMPORTANT! Aссess to presentations

Speakers’ presentations allowed for distribution will be available to those delegates who completed the Forum Participant questionnaire in the Forum mobile app during registration. The links to available presentations, videos and photos will be sent to the e-mail address specified by the delegate in the questionnaire.

7) Mobile application:

For your convenience and easy orientation at the event venue, we offer a mobile application. Once downloaded, it will keep you informed about the Conference programme and Exhibition plan. Please, download the mobile app for you smartphone or tablet! ATTENTION! The full app functionality is only available for registered Forum participants.

If you want to enter the application or send a message to a participant in the chat, type in the order number / ID (it is specified in the upper left corner of the ticket, or will be shown on your badge) and get access to the full functionality.

Share your impressions of the PLUS-Forum on Twitter #retailmoscow before the event, during and after it. All tweets with this hashtag will automatically appear in the ‘Forum-online’ section of the PLUS -Forum mobile application.

The ‘Participants’ section of the application will be activated on March 10, and you will be able to chat with your colleagues.

For those who filled out the Forum questionnaire in the mobile application, access to the speakers’ presentations will be available at the end of the event.

You can plan your work at the PLUS-Forum, creating notes and a visit schedule.

8) Internet:

Free WiFi is available on the territory of Sokolniki ECC

9) Meals:

Meals are free: 2 coffee breaks and lunch every day.

10) Evening programme:

At the end of the first day of the event you will enjoy: Cocktail party. Concert. Valuable prizes raffling.

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