• Alexey Grigoriev
    Head of Representative Office in Moscow, METRO AG, Vice President, Corporate Public Policy
    • In 1982 Alexey graduated from International Law Department Moscow State Institute of International Relations. 1986 - Candidate of Sciences (Law).
    • Since 1986 Alexey worked for Embassy of USSR / Russian Federation in Berlin and Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow.
    • Since 2002 - Corporate Communications Director, Siemens LLC, Moscow.
    • Since 2013 till now Vice President, Corporate Public Policy METRO AG, Head of Representative Office in Moscow.
  • Sergey Belyakov
    Chairman of the Presidium, ACORT
    • Since 2018 – Chairman of the Presidium, ACORT
      The Retail Companies Association (ACORT) was established at the initiative of several retail chains of Russia in 2001 to represent the interests of its members and coordinate their activities on a wide range of issues affecting the interests of retail trade. For the years of its existence, the Association has launched and implemented a considerable number of initiatives aimed at civilized development of the Russian retail industry, acted as the organizer of numerous exhibitions, forums and festivals.
    • Since 2016 – President, Self-regulatory organization Association of private pension funds (ANPF)
      ANPF works closely with the Government of the Russian Federation on the ongoing Russian pension reform. According to members of the Association mandatory conditions to a successful pension reform are: stability and predictability of the rules for all market participants, increasing level of pension provision, development of the pension savings system.
    • Since 2014 – Chairman of the Board, National Association of Investment and Development Agencies
      The Association’s main tasks are:
      - promoting business and investment opportunities of Russian regions,
      - building relations between the international investment community and regional administrations, investment and development agencies,
      - providing foreign investors with up-to-date information during all stages of negotiations.
    • Since 2014 – Managing Director, InfraONE
      InfraONE is an investment company established in 2011 by a group of professionals with significant experience in investment projects in different infrastructure sectors, from energy and transportation to social and health care.
      Its main task is to organize and manage infrastructure projects through PPP and concessions. InfraONE also provides investment advisory services and analytical support.
  • Shai Granovski
    President, The Live Coffee Company
    • President of the group of companies " Live coffee»
    • Education: University Of Haifa, Israel. Economics and Business Administration, 2000
    • In 2016, Shay has graduated from the privileged 3-year program Owner / President Management at Harvard Business School.
    • Career:
    • Shai began his career at Citibank as an investment banker. For more than a decade, Shai has specialized in mergers and acquisitions, IPO preparation, investment and asset management. Retail in various economic spheres has become the main specialization of Shae. He has closed more than 20 deals in the last 10 years. Among the companies, which has been engaged in, are : network of gas stations, food manufacturers/alcoholic beverages, meat processing plants, micro-Finance banks. A few years ago, Shay independently bought a controlling stake in a promising coffee company Live Coffee with a loan. Currently, Live Coffee occupies 10% of the market of roasted and ground coffee in Russia, and is sold and produced in England and the CIS.
    • Being a real entrepreneur, two years ago, Shay launched a new start-up company Green Ocean, whose office is based in the Netherlands, and a research office in Israel. This company has opened and successfully develops an innovative solution in the field of elimination of pollution in case of emergency oil spill.
    • Shai also continues to advise business owners on corporate Finance and M&A transactions.
    • In 2014, Shay Granovsky became the Entrepreneur of the Year in the Food category according to Ernst & Young.
    • The company and the duties:
    • As part of the company's development, the main strategic objectives of Live coffee is the production and sale of useful coffee products with distinctive competitive advantages. Live coffee is the only company that has a patented roasting technology that allows you to save the useful properties of green coffee. Currently, Shay works as the head of the company, as well as supervises the project to release the product abroad and increase its share in the international market – in the UK, Germany and the United States. Together with partners, Shai is also engaged in the international development of Green Ocean.
  • Dmitriy Rusakov
    Deputy Director, Federal State Governmental Authorities dpt., Х5 Retail Group
  • Mikhail Volkov
    Deputy General Director, Operational Management, Russian Post
  • Dmitriy Lebedev
    E-Commerce Vice-President, Azbuka Vkusa
    • In the period 2010-2016 he held senior positions in "Utkonos", from 2016 to 2018 head of e-Commerce "Megapolis" (retailer "Victoria", "Dixy"), from 2019 he headed the e-Commerce "Azbuka vkusa".
  • Vitaliy Porubov
    Head of Strategic and Innovation dpt., IT, X5 Retail Group
  • First Deputy General Director on infrastructure, Russian Post
    First Deputy General Director on infrastructure, Russian Post
  • Alexey Skatin
    First Deputy General Director on infrastructure, Russian Post
  • Evgeniy Bakhin
    IT Director, Inventive Retail Group
  • Larisa Romanovskaya
    Head of e-Commerce dpt., VkusVill
    • Graduated from the Moscow Institute of radio Electronics and Automatics on a speciality "the Engineer on protection of information networks".
    • She started her career from the position of Bayer in the company LEGACY INCORPORATED.
    • since 2014 Head of the commercial Department of the company Komus.
    • since 2017 Head of supply chain management of the Logistics Center company Komus.
    • From November 2018 the Director e-Commerce Company VkusViII.
  • Vladislav Zavyalov
    Client-based service Director, Inventive Retail Group
  • Ivan Korotkov
    Director Automation Supply Chain, Leroy Merlin
  • Ilya Starodubtsev
    Delivery Director, Lamoda Group
    • Ilya Starodubtsev - Lamoda Group Delivery Director. Since 2010, he has worked in the financial sector, analytics and project management of large insurance companies. In 2013, after changing the scope of his activities, he came to work at Lamoda, where he grew from the position of project manager for the head of the entire delivery process of the company. A graduate of the Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics and the Department of Financial Strategy of Moscow State University.
  • Elena Tishakova
    Director of Treasury and Corporate Finances, OZON
  • Artyom Sokolov
    President, The Association of Internet Trade Companies (AITC)
    • The president of AITC (AKIT)
    • Graduated from the Moscow City Government University of Management and the Presidential Academy of Public Economy and Civil Service Majoring in management and legal studies.
    • Doctor of Political Science (Ph.d)
    • In 2006-2011, was employed by the Audit Office of the Moscow Mayor’s Office.
    • In 2011, held a management position in the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship with the City of Moscow.
    • From 2013 and until joining AKIT, oversaw the Hellenic GR sector at the Coca-Cola Company.
  • Galina Yaschuk
    CEO, Pandora
  • Alexey Tanyansky
    Director, Treasury dpt., Magnit
  • Svetlana Vinogradova
    Senior Marketing Speicalist, Globus
    • Curator of local marketing programs of the online store of the Globus hypermarket chain. 2016 works with programs local marketing online-shops "Utkonos", "Perekrestok", "Auchan", "Globus", "Azbuka Vkusa", "Chefmarket", *bofrost rus, as well as more than 200 fmcg manufacturers.
  • Victor Vernov
    CEO of factoring company Otkritie Factoring LLC
  • Elmira Savkueva
    Head of Treasury, Metro Cash & Carry
  • Alexander Ivanov
    President, E-Commerce Russia Association
  • Alexey Pavlyk
    Ex Head of E-Commerce, Samsung
  • Alexey Gryznev
    General Director, Distance Selling Service (DSS)
    • He has more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of logistics, 15 years of which - in warehouse logistics. He worked in the sphere of international air, sea, road and rail transportation, with customs clearance, in the 3PL business. During that time he managed to work in leadership positions in both Russian and foreign companies, such as UPS Supply Chain Solutions, Itella Logistics, STS Logistics, Business Lines, SPSR Express, and implement dozens of complex and interesting domestic and international projects.
    • He was appointed General Director of Distance Selling Service in May 2016. At present the company, which has been operating on the fulfillment market since 2010, is one of the leading operators for the Russian e-commerce industry.
  • Irina Sokol
    TASS (Russian News Agency)
  • Maxim Azrilyan
    Chief Technical Architect, Alfa-Bank
  • Maria Krasenkova
    Head of Department for National Payment System Development and Regulation, Bank of Russia
  • Dmitry Kolesnikov
    Director, Fast Payment Service, National Payment Card System (NSPK )
  • Vladimir Demidenko
    Deputy Director, Cash Circulation Department of the Bank of Russia
    • Vladimir Demidenko joined the Bank of Russia in 2001 and currently holds the position of Deputy Director of the Cash Circulation Department of the Bank of Russia. He is responsible for cash cycle optimization, counterfeit deterrence, innovations and technical support of cash circulation in the Bank of Russia and its regional branches.
    • PhD in Technical Sciences.
  • Galina Balandina
    Director, Center for Support of Foreign Trade. Honored lawyer of the Russian Federation, retired Major-General of the Customs Service
    • Galina Balandina has more than 20 years of considerable experience in the field of foreign trade and customs regulation.
    • Working on various positions in the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Federal Customs Service, Galina Balandina directly participated in drafting and developing current legislation regulating foreign trade and customs in Russia as well as the customs legislation of the Customs Union (now EAEU).
  • Sofia Kutukova
    Divisional Manager of Finance and Accountancy, METRO
  • Anastiasia Aminova
    Financial Controller, AUCHAN
  • Alexander Shurkaev
    Digital Retail Leader Nielsen Russia
    • Alexander joined Nielsen in summer 2018 as Leader for Digital Retail division at Nielsen Russia.
    • Alexander is responsible for developing new relationships with clients and creating new opportunities in digital retail sphere.
    • Earlier Alexander worked on creation and development of international trade at Yandex.Market.
    • Alexander also worked on such e-commerce and digital projects as OneTwoTrip, Wikimart, Lamoda, Rambler/Begun and others.
  • Eric Finnas
    CEO,, the World's Luxury Marketplace
    • Eric Finnas Dahlstrom is the CEO of since July 2018. Founded as JamesList more than 10 years ago, JamesEdition is today the world's largest luxury marketplace with more than 100,000 luxury items on display from thousands of sellers globally.
    • Eric has a background in classifieds from Russia's leading and the world's second largest classifieds site Avito. At Avito Eric was responsible for the General Classifieds business unit, covering areas such as business strategy, monetization and marketing for millions of sellers on the platform.
    • Previously Eric has held positions in sales management at the Swedish mobile operator Tele2, working both in Sweden and Kazakhstan.
    • Eric is a graduate from the Royal Institute of Technology KTH in Stockholm and holds degrees in Industrial Management and Russian.
  • Boris Kaptelov
    Operational Director, Youla
  • Sergey Lebedev
    Government Authorities Director, Aliexpress
  • Sergey Kuchushev
    GR Director, OZON
  • Armen Manukyan
    Senior Expert in e-Commerce, Russian Export Centre
    • E-commerce expert with huge set up and promotion experience in Russian and international omin-channel retail.
    • Currently is responsible for Russian ecommerce export development in Russian export center.
  • Sergey Kulik
    Head of Cash Circulation direction, Standard Payment Products department, Gasprombank
    • At Gazprombank, Sergey Kulik oversees the development of corporate services and innovative products related to cash management.
    • His area of professional interest includes online CIT collection solutions with the application of automated deposit machines and advanced business process automation technologies related to cash circulation.
    • Sergey has over 15 years of experience in the banking sector working on nationwide projects involving Russian businesses, system integrators and leading equipment manufacturers.
    • He regularly speaks at industry conferences, sharing his expertise in actual projects and presenting a wide range of Gazprombank’s services aimed at cash circulation efficiency improvement.
  • Alexey Kozlov
    Executive Director, Cash Circulation Management Center, Sberbank
    • Alexey Kozlov started his career in 2000 in the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Department of Foreign Exchange Transactions/Department of Operations in Financial Markets, where he held the positions of Head of Market Analysis in the Operations Methodology and Risk Management Unit, and Head of Contractual Relations with Counterparties of the Risk Management Department.
    • In 2004 he joined TBSS, a company providing freight forwarding services in the valuables transportation market, as Deputy General Director in charge of marketing. Four years later he took position of the Chairman of the Board of BRINK’S, a non-banking credit organization engaged in CIT services, cash operations, and settlement services for legal entities.
    • In 2013-2014 he was Director General of Europeum Innovation (EUROPEUM Group), operating in the sphere of banking equipment, ATMs, and technical support services.
  • Anastasia Kovrigina
    Managing Director, CIT & Cash management Center, Sberbank
    • Anastasia Kovrigina started his career in 1997 in Sberbank.
    • She achieved impressive results in process optimization, implementation of corporate innovation system, strategy development.
    • In 2013 she joined CIT & Cash management Center in Sberbank as a Head of Product& Services development Department.
    • She is responsible for the process optimization, customer services quality, development, customization & providing new products to market.
  • Elena Stepanova
    Head of Treasury Operations dpt., DIXY
    • Elena has been Head of Treasury Operations Department at DIXY Group since April 2016. She has extensive experience in retail trade, both online and offline. The automated CIT collection system was launched at DIXY Group under Elena’s supervision. She will talk about the details and results of this project during the thematic session at the PLUS-Forum.
  • Denis Khrenov
    Head of acquiring department, Alfa-Bank
    • Graduated in economic in the People’s Friendship University of Russia (RUDN), started career within banking sector in 1996, holding various positions in Rossiysky Credit, Globex and Intercommerts Bank.
    • Passing through career realized several unique projects for the Russian banking and payment undustries including such projects like Rocketbank and virtual credit card for Yandex Money.
    • Has been working in Alfa-Bank since 2017, developing acquiring services.
  • Natalia Mis'ko
    Head of Treasury dpt., Familia
    • Natalia Misko graduated from the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI) with a degree in Banking and Finance.
    • She has experience in the financial segment since 2000, working at the major companies in the oil market and key mobile communications players. Her scope of activities includes successfully designing the Treasury structure “from scratch” and working in key supervising positions.
    • Natalia has a number of professional certificates in the financial area.
    • She has worked at Familia since 2012 as Head of Treasury.
  • Darya Kapustina
    Senior Treasurer, AUCHAN
    • Darya Kapustina has been with Auchan Group of Companies since 2010. During this time, she worked as a treasurer and treasury expert, and she currently holds a position of Senior Treasurer at Auchan Retail.
    • Darya oversees the CIT collection process in Auchan and Atac retail chains as well as card processing at Auchan. The projects for online CIT collection and integration of automated deposit machines and recyclers are implemented under her supervision.
    • Further implementation of cash processing automation and online CIT collection is planned at Auchan Retail.
  • Alexander Katanov
    Investment Director, Verny grocery store chain
    • Alexander Katanov graduated from the Moscow State University of Economics, Statistics and Informatics (MESI) with a degree in Applied Information Science in Economics.
      He started his career in financial consulting. Since 2010, he has worked in food retail chains, specifically in investment raising and distribution.
  • Alexey Sokolov
    Founder and CEO of EWAS Retail Solutions, ex top manager of Leroy Merlin
    • French – Russian retail expert
    • Graduated of IPAG in Paris, France, high business school of management and economics. Speciality audit and financial control.
    • Chartered Indépendant Director by National Association of Independent Directors, Russian Federation.
    • Started his professionnal career in Ernst& Young CIS in Moscow.
    • From 2006 to 2018 worked in Leroy Merlin France and Leroy Merlin Russia.
    • As President of employee’s shareholders, store manager, buyer, regional financial controller.
    • From 2018, founded and developing his consulting agency EWAS Retail Solutions
  • Ilya Kuzmin
    Head of Logistics dpt., Retail chain “Podruzka”
  • Ivan Antipov
    Head of Legal Branch, UNILEVER
  • Tatiana Gromova
    Brand Retail Director, SOKOLOV Jewelery
    • Expert in retail management: experience in sales (more than 25 years), include 12 years as the top-manager of the russian retail companies: Evroset, Valtera, Sunlight, Sokolov, etc.
    • The Tatyana’s main expertise is the management of retail companies.
    • Her professional principles are: to inspire people to achieve high goals, to make people happy through their success and to change the world.
    • The main Tatyana’s professional achievements are:
      • - 350 stores - management of retail corporation (the federal chain of 350 store).
      • - 600% - the growth of sales (per one product).
      • - 3000 employees - launching and developing of motivational system (in the federal retail chain).
      • - 27% - the progress on conversion (with the traffic growth of 21%).
      • - 25% - the growth of revenue (of the retail company).
      • - 71% - the financial growth (of the retail company).
      • - 130 stores: restructuring of the chain of store.
      • - 80 top-managers: launching of the learning system.
      • - 13% - the growth of profitability of stores
  • Sergey Chernyshev
    Director, NHL-Retail (Nizhegorodskiy Hleb Retail)
  • Elena Vinogradova
    Independant Expert
  • Mikhail Barabash
    Head of CRM&Loyalty, Jeans Symphony
    • Education: Engineer Department of Kursk State Agriculture Academy ( specialty – 2003, graduate school – 2006) и International Logistic Center of HSE (2014), Candidate of Technical Sciences (2010)

    • 2010-12 гг. DIXY, product distribution analyst
    • 2012-14– Rusbeauty, Supply Сhain Manager
    • 2014-15 – Wildberries, marketing analyst
    • 2016 - MindBox , loyalty analyst
    • 2016-18– Service-Plus, Expert of marketing of the product team LOYA
    • From 09/2018 – Jeans Symphony, Head of CRM&Loyalty
  • Sergey Barsukov
    President, Profindustry-Center LLC (Profindustry)
    Expertise and career achievements:
    • Over 15 years: company management and business development in design, production and supply of cash management equipment and solutions.
    • Since 1998: management of Profindustry-Center LLC. Organization and development of R&D and production facilities in Germany, China, and Russia.
    • Development and market launch of proprietary brands of equipment: PRO and Moniron.
    • Signing agreements on cooperation and joint work on new solutions in partnership with the leading global companies: ARCA, Azkoyen (Cashlogy), CST (CashDro), Multi Cash Automation, Masterwork Automodules, Bixolon, and others.
    • Since 2012: development of innovative cash management automation systems: smart cash drawers, self-service kiosks, automated deposit machines and smart electronic banknote and coin handling systems.
    • The accumulated experience and expertise allowed the company to develop a unique detection system implemented in Moniron banknote validator which successfully passed the official certification tests at the Central Bank of Russia.
    • In 2016, a unique automated deposit machine, Moniron ADM 6, yet unrivalled in its class throughout the world, was developed based on Moniron banknote validator.
    • Systematic operation in the capacity of the manufacturer and supplier of solutions, focused on the development of the state-of-the-art cash management system and the integrated approach to cash circulation automation for banks, commercial companies and retail market players.
    • Participation in major projects implemented by the Russian market leaders: X5 Retail Group, METRO Cash and Carry, Auchan, Magnit, Leroy Merlin, Gazprombank, Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, M.Video, Stoloto, Sportmaster, Selgros Cash & Carry, Gazprom Neft, LUKOIL, etc.
    • Numerous appearances at the Russian professional forums and participation in the international exhibitions such as CeBIT and EuroShop.
  • Alexander Gritsay
    General Director and Founder, Forecast NOW
  • Natalia Kornienko
    Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Head of the laboratory of tax system development with the scientific direction "Macroeconomics and Finance"
    • Member of professional association of lawyers, including the International Law Association (London)
    • Since 1998 Natalia Kornienko takes an active part in research and legal regulation policy development in the field of taxation, property, international relations, including the participation in working groups under the Government of the Russian Federation, the Presidential Administration and the State Duma.
  • Elena Minina
    Senior Researcher in the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration under the President of the Russian Federation (RANEPA)
    • She works at the Institute of Applied Economic Research in the Laboratory for the Development of the Tax System and has about 20 years of professional experience. Elena participates in the work of expert groups on behalf of the head of federal executive authorities on taxation in electronic trade in services and goods in the EAEU, as well as on the implementation of paragraph 2 of the List of instructions of the Russian President "Internet Economy" (№168, January 29, 2016). She is a member of the working group in the Expert Council under the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, as well as the working group of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation on tax risk management under the Expert Council on improving tax legislation. Elena is an author of several scientific articles and publications in the media.
  • Anna Stavniychuk
    Business Development Director, Teleperformance Russia Group

    Anna Stavniychuk, Business Development Director, Teleperformance Russia Group

    Anna has over 9 years of successful experience in project management related to the organization and provision of multi-channel customer support, back office, business process optimization for companies from such industries as telecommunications, FMCG, retail, e-commerce, as well as consumer equipment and electronics.

    In 2006-2009 Anna worked in the field of system integration, leading projects of software and hardware solutions for banks, insurance companies and trade enterprises. Since 2009 she has been working in the field of customer service, contact centers outsourcing and optimization of business processes for Russian and the CIS markets.

    In 2014 she joined Teleperformance as a Business Development Director. She is responsible for developing partnerships with Retail and eRetail, Travel, Software & Technology companies.

  • Anton Rumyantsev
    Director, Fiscal Data Operator,
  • Anna Nikandrova
    Head of Retail Department, The Wallet App
    • Over 15 years of experience in business applications sales.
    • Since 2013 she has specialized in IT-solutions for retail aimed at building customer loyalty and improving of CX (customer experience).
    • Previously worked in ZTE Corporation, Uniwave and Oracle Retail.
  • Ekaterina Laskova
    Head of strategic partnerships and project development, Yandex.Kassa
    • Ekaterina Laskova has been working in e-commerce for the past 12 years.
    • In 2006, she graduated from MSUEE (Moscow State University of Environmental Engineering) and immediately joined Yandex.Money as an account manager. During her seven-year tenure at the company, Ekaterina became the head of the e-commerce department. Afterwards, she joined the Hearst Shkulev Media holding, also as the head of the e-commerce development. Later, she returned to Yandex.Money.
    • — 12 years in e-commerce and B2B
      — 5 years of team management
      — 7 years of product development
    • Currently Ekaterina works as the head of the strategic partnerships and project development department. She is responsible for the company’s interaction with its key partners, including marketing campaigns and loyalty programs.
  • Mstislav Voskresensky
    General director, Directfood
    • The founder of the consulting company "Directfood" (consulting in the field of E-Grocery, local marketing for E-Grocery projects), which the leader of the Russian market of E-Grocery "Utkonos", an online shops of leading ofline retailers "Perekrestok", "Auchan", "Globus", "Azbuka Vkusa", "Bahetle" (Novosibirsk), "Galmart" (Kazakhstan) and more than 200 multinational and Russian FMCG manufacturers.
  • Nataliya Przystaw
    Commercial Director, Arvato Rus

      Nataliya Przystaw

      Commercial Director, Arvato Rus

      1989 – Graduated with honors from Yaroslavl State University, psychology

      Worked for Procter & Gamble, Analytical Center under the Governor, Sonopress.

      2010-2015 – General Director of German distance selling company K-mail Order, Ltd (Klingel, Wenz brands). The company was among the five largest companies with up to 10 employees.

      2015 – up to now – Commercial Director in Arvato Rus, Ltd, one of the largest fulfillment providers in the country, specializing in servicing e-commerce companies.

  • Andrey Tyschenko
    Country Director, Russia, CEE, CIS, Dynamic Yield
    • With a 15 year background in business development, launching and commercialisation of products and technologies in Internet and IT markets, held various managing positions in SAP, Oracle, Criteo, Retail Rocket.
    • Also has experience of launch and development of tech startups (Passport), and Venture Capital (Prime Ventures, UK).
    • Since 2013, focuses on commercialisation of solution and platforms for Retail / e-Commerce in areas of Personalization, Digital Marketing, Omni-channel commerce, CRM, Loyalty programs.
    • In 2017 joined Dynamic Yield, a global leading platform for personalization, in a role of regional director.
    • In 2013 graduated from MBA program at University of Cambridge, UK. Also, holds degrees in IT (Astrakhan State Technical University, Astrakhan, Russia) and Marketing (State University of Management, Moscow, Russia).
  • Zaur Besolov
    Payment Solutions Director, Evotor (Producer of online cash registers and cloud solutions)
  • Alexey Okhlopkov
    Business Development Director, Mars Pet Nutrition Russia
  • Stanislav Kurilin
    Founder and CEO, HEAD MADE
    • Expert in marketing, management and advertising. General Director of HEAD MADE Advertising Agency with many years of successful experience in the areas of:
      • local marketing
      • advertising in shopping centres in Russia
      • project management
      • digital technologies
      • event organization
    • PA HEAD MADE combines marketing capabilities of Russian shopping malls to increase local traffic in the points of Federal networks, as well as provides development services:
      • marketing and advertising strategies
      • affiliate program
      • advertising campaigns in shopping centres in Russia
    • PA HEAD MADE is a Federal member of the Russian Association of Communication Agencies (RACA) Stanislav Kurilin has professional qualifications:
      • Siberian Federal University (SibFU), undergraduate degree in Economics and sociology, Krasnoyarsk;
      • International Institute of Advertising, postgraduate degree in Marketing/Marketing Management, Moscow;
      • State University Higher School of Economics (HSE), Executive MBA program "Marketing Management in Advertising, Moscow.
  • Ivan Komissarov
    Head of Public Relations, EOS – the subsidiary of EOS Group (member of Otto Group)
    • Head of Public Relations LLC EOS – the subsidiary of EOS Group (member of Otto Group) Graduated from Moscow State University in 1998
      20 years’ experience in the financial sector, including 10 years in account receivable management industry (FMCG, wholesale, food processing, retail, etc.)
  • Maxim Zakhir
    CEO & Managing Partner, LANIT OMNI
    • Graduate of Novosibirsk Technical State University, Faculty of Automation and Cybernetics.
      Obtained an MBA in Marketing in 2007.
      An expert in trade marketing, especially in retail networks. Started his career with “Bely Veter – Cifrovoy” as a marketing and e-commerce director. Later headed marketing department and e-commerce department in Mvideo electronic retail network.
      In 2012 started his own business. In 2016 became a managing partner and CEO of LANIT OMNI.
      Married, has a son.
  • Victoria Xu
    General Director of BOE Russia LLC
    • Working in the BOE company since 1999, has many years of successful experience in the consumer electronics and professional displays markets. In 2017, she becomes the head of the newly opened representative office of BOE in Russia, dynamically developing the business areas of professional displays and consumer electronics, defining the company's sales strategy in the CIS and Russian markets.
  • Roman Romenskiy
    Sales Director, Technological company «Centre», «Stoloto» brand
  • Tatiana Podofedova
    Head of internet marketing, Perekrestok
  • Andreeva Olga
    Head of Account Receivable and Credit Risks dpt., Danone
  • Cheremukhin Mikhail
    Executive Director in Beta PRO (fulfillment for online stores)
    • Ex-Director of logistics at Ecco-Ros.
    • Ex-Director of logistics and SCM at Detsky Mir.
    • Ex-development Director at national Logistics Company (NLK).
    • He graduated from the Economic Cybernetics in MEW them. S. Ordzhonikidze.
  • Mikhail Daykhin
    Partner, Primes Consulting
  • Dmitry Bergelson
    Managing Partner, INNORETAIL.VC retail tech incubator, Holmes & Moriarty consultancy
    • Dmitry Bergelson is an innovative, profit-driven leader with corporate vision and entrepreneur spirit, with extensive experience in hi-tech, IT & consulting, automotive, retail, real estate, consumer electronics, and service. Dmitry is founder and Managing Partner of Holmes & Moriarty, business development and innovations management boutique, and INNORETAIL.VC, market first retail tech startup incubator and VC hub. During 2014-2015 Dmitry was a Business Development Director with Pyaterochka retail chain (X5 Retail Group). Earlier was CEO of NANOPROM, led iriver business in Russia, has top management roles experience with Rolf, LANIT, EMEX and other companies. Dmitry is a business coach, mentor and lecturer, working with GVA, Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, MSU Business School, HSE, Southern Federal University, national Business Angels Association, and others. Graduated from Moscow Technical University (Institute of Electronics and mathematics) and UK Open University Business School.
    • LinkedIn:
    • FB:
  • Aleksey Zhukov
    Executive Director, Reworker (Fulfilment Operator)
  • Alexander Dvorsky
    Head of Instalments dpt, Sovcombank
  • Jaco Voorspuij
    Head of Transport and Logistics, GS1
    • Jaco Voorspuij is a well-seasoned Supply Chain professional with nearly 30 years experience covering both Manufacturing and Logistics.

    • Starting 1990 he helped implement ERP software as well as design and develop add-ons in leading enterprises across Europe. From 1997 until May 2015 Jaco Voorspuij worked with DHL (and predecessors) on warehousing systems, transportation management, Business & Systems integration, Solutions Design & Architecture and IT Business Development for a number of the largest Clients of DHL and on some of the most challenging projects and Programmes that DHL has run and is running for those Clients.
    • Next to this since the beginning of 2007 Jaco Voorspuij has been the co-chair of the GS1 eCom Logistics Interoperability Model workgroup and since 2011 also co-chair of the GS1 Transport & Logistics Leadership team.
    • He joined the GS1 Global Office as Senior Manager Transport & Logistics in May 2015.
    • Supply Chain innovation is a key theme in Jaco’s career so he joined GS1 in 2015. The most powerful innovations only really thrive when they interoperate well with the existing environment using open global standards. Jaco helped develop several of those innovations and standards over his career.
  • Konstantin Cherezov
  • Oleg Philippov
    Partnership Director, Newland Russia
  • Denis Burlakov
  • Oleg Chanchikov
    Chief Business Development Officer, APIBank
  • Alexander Gorshkov
    Development Director, BioSmart
  • Vladimir Gorbunov
    Founder of Gorod Loyalty Program, PayQR payment service, Crypterium bank and Workle hr-project.
    • In 2010 founded the Workle project — the first official Internet employer in Russia.
    • In 2013 founded the payment service for contactless payments PayQR, which has over 16 patents for technology and development.
    • In 2017 founded the Crypterium cryptocurrency bank, which is recognized as one of the TOP-3 of the best ICO in 2017 according to Crypto Gazette.
    • Since spring 2018 under the supervision of the Moscow Transport Department and the Moscow Metro has developed the Gorod project — loyalty program for holders of the Troyka transport card.
    • From 2003 to 2009 received the first higher education in the State University of Management, the second higher education in the Russian Academy of Public Administration and took an internship at the International Academy of Business in Finland.

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