Why exhibit?
10 reasons why you need PLUS - Forum

1. The Forum Steering Committee is headed by recognized industry professionals who came directly from business and have, therefore, extensive contacts within the industry both in Russia and abroad.
2. Since 1994, the PLUS Journal (the Forum Organizer) has analyzed the strategies of major market participants to become a recognized mirror of the industry
3. The subscriber base and business contacts of PLUS Journal (the Forum Organizer) accumulated within almost 20 years allow to invite to our forums leading industry stakeholders and businessmen from Russia and other CIS countries, as well as international experts involved in decision making process.
4. For our segment, the Forum featuring a conference, an exhibition and round tables is the best format of an event in our segment
5. The Forum is the only annual international event held in Moscow since 2010 which is attended by all major industry vendors
6. We use an effective model for selection of professionally eligible Forum delegates at the stage of registration
7. Forum delegates approved by the Organizing Committee are the target audience which is really interested in getting new information on market trends, best practices, products, solutions and technologies, in exchanging views and establishing effective business communications
8. The Forum participants are representatives of the industry directly involved into decision making
9. Focus on topics of interest to the audience
10. Media support of global professional and mass media
We do not construe cooperation as a one-time effort undertaken at the Forum, but as strategic collaboration with the PLUS-Forum participants!
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