Alexey Krasnopolsky

In my view, it is the biggest retail exhibition, of colossal importance to us, because everybody here is our potential customer or partner.
Ilya Dobrelya
Head of CRM and Loyalty Programmes, YUM! Restaurants International Russia & CIS

I got new contacts for my project and I shared useful information. PLUS Forum is all about retail, modern trends and technology – and fascinating people.
Lyudmilla Podyapolskaya
General Director, BONUS Adviser

It’s my third time here at PLUS Forum, and it’s always pleasantly surprising that we can really learn about new trends and exciting cases. You think you know everything, but every time you learn new things, and every time there is a very exciting session dedicated to loyalty programmes – well, and the marketing session, too.
Elena Koryakova, Director, Loyalty Programmes
Victoria Baltia

PLUS Forum is shorthand for the latest developments and technologies in retail.
Nikolay Zhmurenko
Director, OFD.RU (Fiscal Data Operator)

As is always the case, PLUS Forum raises a lot of exciting issues, with a lot of participants and visitors who ask interesting questions and raise important and fascinating topics.
Olesya Mashkina
Advertising Manager, Izbenka, VkusVill

It’s a huge gathering of professionals. After the presentation I met with 30 or 40 companies, and it was so exciting to discuss things and to answer questions. A cutting-edge event, showcasing every technology that is out there in retail today. I’ve learnt new things and met with the people I was looking forward to meeting. PLUS Forum is up-to-date, well-timed and exciting.
Anna Stavniychuk
Director for Business Development, Teleperfomance Russia Group

I believe it’s an excellent platform to exchange best practices with market pros, because here you have large online and offline veterans next to the newcomers who are only building their business in the region.
Paul Rogowski
Logistics Director, Lamoda

It was a huge joy to see such a great deal happening all on one platform. Yes, the market is still young, and it needs innovation. It’s great to see here so many young brands side by side with the ‘seasoned’ ones for whom they are just a challenge, rather than a problem, and who can offer innovative ideas.
PLUS Forum is a uniting force, and it’s about people in the first place. It offers so many wonderful discussions and fresh and new ideas from both big and small companies.
It’s a place to discuss issues and look at how they could be addressed.

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