• Victor Dostov
    Chairman, Association of eMoney and Remittance Market Participants (AED); Chief Research Officer, Saint Petersburg University

    Dr. Viktor Dostov is a President of the Russian Electronic Money and Remittance Association (REMA), the industrial body representing major e-payments and fund transfer companies in Russia. As one of the leading experts in Russian retail payments sector, Dr. Dostov is heading REMA since its inception.

    Since 2018 Viktor is an academic director for the National Competences Center for Distributed Ledgers, he conducted seminars on distributed ledger technologies for regulators in a number of jurisdictions, including Russia, Belarus and few others.

    Dr. Dostov participates in the workings of core national consultative and expert bodies on retail finance, including under the aegis of the Russian Central Bank, Monitoring Service of the Russian Federation (Rosfinmonitoring), Russian Parliament, the Ministry of Finance, CGAP, FATF, Eurasian Group on AML/CFT, AFI.

    Victor is a regular speaker at international conferences on electronic money, retail payments and financial inclusion, the author of analytical publications on regulation, management and future of payment industry. He teaches at the International Banking Institute (Saint-Petersburg).
  • Vladimir Komlev
    Chairman and CEO, National Payment Card System (NSPK)
  • Elman Mekhtiev
    Deputy Chairman, Expert Board on protection of rights of financial services customers, Bank of Russia
  • Andrey Emelin
    Chairman, National Council of Financial Market
  • Roman Timaev
    Director of innovation, X5 Retail Group
  • Inna Emelyanova
    Director of Acquiring Department, Russian Standard Bank
  • Sergey Popov
    Direcot of Transaction business division, Sberbank
  • Alma Obaeva
    Chairman of the Board, Non-commercial partnership, National Payments Council
  • Elena Korn
    CEO, SmartExpertise Group, agency on strategic marketing development, FMCG&Retail
  • Roman Varvarin
    Head of product development department, Home Credit Bank
  • Dmitriy Ischenko
    Deputy General Director, FinTech Association
  • Elena Petrova
    Deputy Chairman, Russian Standard Bank
  • Sergey Khromov
    Vice-President, Tinkoff and Head of Tinkoff Kassa
  • Dmitry Grishin
    Innovations Director, Bank UralSib
  • Anastasia Zrelova
    Head of payments services department, Moscow Metropoliten
  • Dmitriy Kolesnikov
    Innovational services development Director, NSPK
  • Artym Gutnik
    Deputy Head of Security department, National Payment Card System (NSPK)
  • Mikhail Popov
    Founder and general Director, Talkbank
  • Roman Prokhorov
    Chairman of the Board, Financial innovations Association
  • Timur Aitov
    Deputy Chairman on digital financial technologies, Chambaer of Commerce and Industry, Cand. Sc. Physics
  • Vladimir Kanin
    General Director, ATOL PAY
  • Alexander Pavlov
    General Director, Russian Information Technology Development Foundation
  • Alexander Magomedov
    Chairman of the Board, Bank 131
  • Svetlana Lunkova
    Director, Business development department, the Bank IBA-MOSCOW
  • Leysan Baimuratova
    Digital Economics research Director, NAFI Research Center
  • Oleg Alekseenko
    Councilor Deputy, Minister of Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation
  • Danila Nikolaev
    Director, Non-commercial partnership Russian Biometric Society
  • Vladimir Bakin
    Financial Director, Wilberries
  • Yaroslav Kabakov
    Director on strategies, Finam
  • Olga Bakhlina
    Personal brand expert, CEO and owner of Pr-agency "Finbird" and NFT-startup "NFTBirds"
  • Madina Kalimullina
    Senior Researcher, HSE-Skolkovo Institute for Law and Development, HSE University; Executive Secretary, Russian Association of Experts in Islamic Finance
  • Dmitry Zavisha
    Marketing Director, SberSpasibo Loyalty Program, Sberbank
  • Lyudmila Spiridonova
    Executive Director, NAFI Research Center
  • Alexey Maslov
    Co-Сhairman of the committee on payment systems, Association of banks of Russia
  • Gerbert Shopnik
    Founder, NFT-agency Digital Art EXPO
  • Andrey Tarusov
    Independent expert
  • Dmitriy Bulychkov
    CTO, Atomyze
  • Danil Abroskin
    Head of Internet-acquiring Center, Gazprombank
  • Alexey Dovgopoliy
    Deputy Head of card products and services, Gazprombank
  • Yulia Nosenko
    Director on development, Open Data and Ecosystem, FinTech Association
  • Pavel Novikov
    Director of Financial technologies Center, Skolokovo
  • Vyacheslav Dusaleev
    General Director, Square Meter ecosystem
  • Vitaliy Myakshinov
    VK Cloud Business Development Manager
  • Denis Vasin
    CTO, Web3 Tech
  • Igor Kuzmichev
    General Director, Systems of distributed ledger
  • Oleg Komlik
    DeputyManaging Director, DOM.RF
  • Alexey Nikitin
    Director on payment technologies and "One window" project, Russian Export Сenter
  • Nargis Dustmatova
    , Director on Fintech Ecosystems, Fintech Association of Uzbekistan
  • Yulia Nelyubina
    Yulia Nelyubina, Deputy Director, Distributed Leger Technology Center, Saint Petersburg University
  • Roman Tikhonov
    CPO (Chief Product Officer), Paygine
  • Dmiriy Bubnov
    General Director, BPS Innovatiove solutions

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